4 Important Facts About the TABC License

For anyone who owns a business that sells alcoholic beverages or those who work in industries that serve them, the alcohol permit is required to carry. It doesn’t matter where in Texas you live or the type of alcohol you serve, you’re doing it illegally without the texas alcohol permit in place. Take a look at four more important TABC licensing facts important to know if you plan to work in this industry.

Can I Get a Permit?

To get a Texas Alcohol Board permit to sell alcoholic beverages, you must be an adult 21 years of age or older and a law-abiding citizen of the country. This means you should not have a criminal history, especially felony convictions. The testing to earn certification is also required.

texas alcohol permit

Testing is Required

To earn the alcohol permit that allows you to sell or serve alcoholic beverages in the state, a test must be successfully completed. The test ensures that you know the appropriate ways to safely serve alcohol to patrons in bars, sell it at convenience stores, etc. There is a fee for the test which is the responsibility of the participant to pay.

Retesting Required

Your alcohol permit is valid for a period of one year, after which time you must retake the test, again paying the fee, to get an updated certification that allows you to serve and sale alcohol for an additional two years.  This is mandatory for anyone in the state.

Types of Permits

Several types of permits to sell alcohol are offered to residents in the state of Texas.  You may apply for more than one permit. This includes a mixed drink permit, food and beverage certificates, beer permits, liquor permits, special events permits, and many others.